cropped-12295445_10104658840877438_692641684295026980_n.jpgMy name is Krystal Darling.  Yes, like Peter Pan.  How did I score that name?  I married the most wonderful man a girl could ask for, my best friend, and the most unfathomable guitarist, songwriter, and worship leader, Eric Darling.  I have the fairytale name, and the man every girl reads about in love stories.  We met while serving together in worship ministry, and will be married 5 years in April.  Most nights, he sings me to sleep while he plays guitar.  He makes me laugh, he loves Jesus, he is passionate about worship and songwriting, and sexy as all get out!  I am incredibly blessed to have this man as my husband!

I guess this is supposed to be where I talk about me… I am 29 years old. I am a mom of 4 boys.  FOUR boys.  It’s pretty wild in my house.  We have the twins, Jayden & Jonathan, who are almost 4.  They love Star Wars, Miles from Tomorrowland, cars, planes, and will destroy just about anything that seems like a good idea to them.  Some moms would be terrified, but I actually love it.  Our little guy in the middle and one of the inspirations for my blog name is Liam. Liam is almost 2 and, again, all boy.  Sometimes, I think he is part monkey.  He can climb and make his way through just about every childproof contraption we have come up with to keep his chubby little toddler hands away from.  He loves the movie Planes: Fire & Rescue and has a smile that will melt your heart.  Our most recent addition is, Ezra.  At the time of this posting, he is 3 months old.  He is the softest baby known to man and is perfect for snuggling!

So, my life is busy.  I have 4 boys under the age of 4.  We live in a 2 bedroom apartment.  We love Jesus.  We dance, we sing, we play music, we worship, we LIVE.  Most days the dishes aren’t done, there’s a pile of laundry needing to be folded in the living room, and I don’t do my hair.  But, our days are full of life, joy, passion, craziness, excitement, tickles, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and making the best of each moment because it is already going by way to fast.

This blog is my story.  It is the unadulterated version of me.  I have a passion and a calling to bring out who people really are and the only way I know how is to be me.  I speak life.  I choose vulnerability and raw emotion over “looking the part.”  I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, yoga pants, the Seahawks (yes, I avidly watch football & my husband not-so-much), drinking orange juice from the carton, chai tea lattes, and being a wife & mom.  Harry Potter, late nights & sleeping in, gymnastics, red roses, reality TV (Survivor/Amazing Race), and flip flops are also among my favorites.  I want to inspire people to love themselves and believe in themselves and who God designed them to be.  Sometimes I’m emotional, and I have my bad days, but I trust God: He is BIG and He is GOOD!!

I spent most of my twenties pursuing ministry, worship, and music.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Media, & Culture from the University of Washington, and currently considering going back for another degree.  I like to have a lot going on, but I am also a home body and would just be content with a deep conversation amongst a few friends.  I love building my relationships with my husband & children, and I am always striving to be a loving wife and mother.  I love encouraging others and bringing light to other’s lives. As I embrace my thirties, I have learned that the only thing that holds you back from your dreams is you. I choose to not hold back anymore and just be me!

Here’s to living in our dreams!





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